Fasting and worshiping are done on the day of Karva Chauth, it is done for the long life and health of the husband.

Bangles have special importance in sixteen ornaments, so bangles are given special importance at the time of adornment.

On this day, married women’s makeup and Mehendi are applied. Applying Mehndi increases the love between the bride and groom. It is also believed that the redder the color of the mehndi, the deeper the love between the two.

Worship and In fast and story, one reads the story of Ganesh Ji and Karva Mataji and listens to the women.

Sargi is a plate of food that contains some food items. After which it remains dehydrated throughout the day and is eaten only after worshiping the moon at night.

Karva is considered a symbol of Ganapati. It is said that the hat in Karve is considered to be the trunk of Ganesh Ji.

Listen or read the Karva Chauth fasting story by filling water in a blank Karva (the karva is an earthen pot) If there is no earthen work, some women also use a A round metal pot. and Keeping the rice in the lid of the karva. Offer make-up material to Goddess Parvati or do her makeup.

After the moon comes out, look at the moon through a sieve or in water, then offer arghya to it and pray for the long life of the husband. The husband gives a gift to his wife and loves it grows.


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