A World Food Day is celebrated across the world on 16 October. Food is essential for good health. The purpose of celebrating World Food Day is to make people suffering from hunger aware.

1. Many types of events are organized on this day so that people can be motivated to help more and more people suffering from hunger.

2. Some people’s Food is wasted at weddings, parties, and temples. The poor don’t get food and remain hungry. The poor people should be given food.

3. Food pollution occurs when toxic chemicals are present in the food which can harm the person who eats them and it is the result of ignorance of human beings.

4. The plate of my life is empty without you, Come quickly and fill it with delicious food made by your hands.

5. One should not give his false food to anyone and not even to the cow mother, because the cow is mother and why should one do wrong by giving false food?

6. Eating food without hunger encourages many diseases. Therefore, do not eat food until you feel hungry or until the food is completely digested.

7. Green vegetables and fruits protect against serious physical problems like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

8. The food served should not be condemned. No matter how delicious the food is, it should be served with love at home.

9. The food we get should always be respected as it is a blessing from God and love from someone who cares for us.

10. If you want to be healthy, then you have to make this promise to yourself, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and grains, and keep your distance from fast food which makes you sick.

11. Come, let us all bring such a rule in our country, Distribute the remaining good food to the needy.

Happy food day


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