benefits of lighting a lamp- The earthen lamp is a symbol of the five elements, it is made by dissolving the clay in water, which is a symbol of the earth element and the water element, it is made and dried with incense and wind, which is a symbol of the sky element and air element, then by heating it in the fire. is made.

The reason for lighting the lamp is that we should make effort the light knowledge in our lives by erasing the darkness of ignorance.

The lighting lamp is lit on the day of Diwali. Ghee or mustard oil and a wick of Jyot cotton are worshiped in the lamp.

By lighting a lamp in the temple, God takes our mind toward the light and our positivity. Energy develops. Light gives such light to the whole world, by which light gives light to the whole world.

With the benefits of lighting a lamp an earthen lamp, happiness, prosperity, and peace reside in the house.

On the day of Deepawali, King Rama of Ayodhya returned after his fourteen years of exile, and Hence the lamp is lit.

Some people do decorations on the day of Diwali by lighting a lamp outside their homes. As important as it is important to decorate the plate of worship from the door of the house, it is equally important to decorate the house with flowers during the festival.

The burning flame of the lamp gives a message to the person to move forward in life. It also teaches us to remove the darkness of our life.

There are many types of lamps, such as silver lamps, earthen lamps, iron lamps, copper lamps, lamps made of brass metal, and lamps made from flour.


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