luck and fortune

1. Every person knows a little bit about luck, it is said that when we get success after hard work, it is our karma, but when we get success without hard work, it is called luck, And destiny is made only by the deeds done in the past of this birth.

2. It is the actions of the past that create the fate and the actions of the future write the fate of the future. God writes fate. Because of that, we have got luck from bad karma and good karma.

3. Only hard work paves the way to success, there is no other option than this. Luck is not for everyone and there are very few people, who keep showing their luck sitting at home, but such people are not able to taste the hard work.

4. To make your fortune good, visit the temple daily in the morning and meditate on God. Water should be given to the sun in the morning.

5. For luck and fortune Sometimes the poor should be given clothes or food. God is happy and poor people give prayers.

6. If fate was written by the hands of God, then the best would have been ours, but fate is written by our actions and desires, not by the will of God.

7. Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.

8. Luck sleeps when you sit on the trust of luck, and luck also rises when you stand up courageously.

9. According to the Gita, no one can snatch the writing of luck from you, if you have faith in God, you will get everything you deserve!

10. Love everyone, be respectful, speak sweetly and with love and control your anger, keep yourself busy and stop thinking.


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