God is grate

God is great not the word that you will find in books. There is not a temple, a gurudwara, a church anywhere it is within us and some people wander.. He is not a human being that you will get society.

this is you yourself who will meet within you. Their is will can take care of everyone. You don’t need to meditate on anything. By doing meditation of God one gets power.

Try to understand that your problem is to do. Spirit is divine.

In this, through Kundalini awakening, the soul of a person meets and he gets directly connected with God.

This is gives happiness and sorrow of this birth for bad karma of previous birth and good karma.

The person who cries in front of God, his fate gets changed, God’s grace starts on him, even if nothing good happens to that person, he has full faith in God that He will help him.

Until we do not know about sorrow, we cannot experience happiness, we cannot know what happiness is like.

He helps everyone Whenever trouble comes, They should be remembered. He protect us. Listen to Hanuman Chalisa in daily routine and listen to God’s hymns.

As much as you donate to the poor and helping them, He is pleased and poor people pray to us.

The doctors who save the lives of people by playing on their lives, it is indeed God who gives new life to the patients.

Love is also the soul of devotion. Without love, no matter how much a person does chanting, penance, charity, he cannot attain That. No means of the world can make a living being the face of Their without love.


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