importance of relationship

importance of relationship -There are some people that have to be maintained and it doesn’t have a name.

– Whatever be the relation, but it should be done by contemplation and not mean.

– Time should be given to anyone but not pretend. It”s  not easy to forget someone, but it has maintains to be done.

– One should listen more and speak less or it is best to remain silent. some people are should be in such a way that there is less words and more understanding, less quarrels and more views.

– Human life is associated with them . It is because that man desires to move forward in life, to get success, to be educated, to work.

– Where there is trust, love flourishes, the foundation of love rests on trust.
One must trust each other and some people lose their trust by lying and resort to lies.

– The greatest in the world is that of a friend, who understands the happiness and sorrow of his friend.

– In order to maintain good relations, love each other and give respect to each other.

– should work for each other and should help. You should keep in the mind.

– We should share our sorrows and happiness with each other and by this our happiness growing and sorrow becomes lighter. it doesn’t have a name.

– It  is successful only if it is done from both the sides because even roti cannot be made by baking from one side.

– Both the glass and the relation are very fragile, the only difference between the two is the glass breaks by mistake and the relationship is due to misunderstandings.


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