how to smile? – 1. Make the most of your day by watching a funny video online, reading a comic strip from the newspaper, or hanging out with a funny friend.

Laughing releases endorphins that automatically make you happy, making you are looking more.

2. Every morning, look in the mirror and try to  Focus on looking natural by bringing a smile to your eyes.

3. It is said that when we have from our hearts, our eyes also  But when we wish for a plethora of lies, the eyes do not support us.

4. Always keep a close eye on your face and attract happiness towards you.

5. Remember something that brings joy to your face.

6. Happiness is shared and happiness comes from helping others. Virtue also increases through this work and the mind remains calm. You can be happy without happiness.

7. Always be with those who are happy and some people keep others happy, laugh, and joke with them. The happiest person is the person who values ​​the happiness of others more than himself.

8. True happiness is not to be happy with the mind or to bring a lot to the face, but true happiness comes when the soul is happy, the soul can be happy only when it meets God. True happiness is to walk on the path of attaining God.

9. Doing things that make you feel good, such tasks will give you happiness and your mind will also be engaged in such tasks, so you should do such work everyday.



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