winter care
Winter care- In this season the moisture in the air is very less and this dry air snatches the moisture from our skin. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to our skin in winter than in summer.

Skin care- Some people take bath with hot water due to cold and the skin becomes dry.

Applying oil after bathing makes the skin soft. Cold cream should be applied in winter season. For this it is necessary to apply a moisturizer containing Vitamin E.

Taking Hot Item Food or Liquified- Eat such things in the food that you get heat inside. soup, kadha, coffee and Consume turmeric milk in cold.

Consume ginger in winter Ginger is one of the best medicines present in every home.

benefits of garlic- In winter, it prevents cold, cough and cold and helps to generate warmth in the body. Not only this, it also maintains better blood flow.

Do not lack drinking water in cold, otherwise the sugar level may increase. To control diabetes, pay attention to more exercise. Drink warm water throughout the day in cold.

Dysfunction of the thyroid gland, blood flow in the arteries and low body fat can all cause a person to feel cold. Drink warm water throughout the day in cold.

keep the room warm- A warm bedsheet should be laid on the bed and it does not feel cold to sleep and wear a warm blanket and Use warm clothes and thick quilts/blankets.

Remove the thin cloth curtains in the doors and windows and install thick cloth curtains.

Keep your room heater on but do not use it for a long time. it gets hot in the room.

Sitting in the sun warms the body and removes vitamin D deficiency.


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