amazing about peacocks
amazing about peacocks- Peacock feathers are beautiful to look at and some people keep them at home. There are some benefits of peacock feathers.

Krishna ji likes it very much. Mother Yashoda also used to decorate her Kanha since childhood by putting a peacock feather on her head.

The peacock feather in the crown of Lord Krishna signifies the importance of the peacock feather. And the vehicle of Lord Shiva’s son Kartikeya is also a peacock.

You can keep the peacock feather in the middle of the books for years. With this, no matter how old the book becomes, then there are no insects in it.

Peacocks are blue in colour, but they are also found in white, purple and green colours. Due to the beauty of the peacock, it was declared a national bird by the Government of India in 1963.

Peacock never makes a nest, it lays eggs on the ground itself after seeing a safe place.

Peacock is a very intelligent bird. When the peacock is happy, it dances by spreading its wings, that is why the peacock is called the king of birds.

Peacocks are land dwellers and prefer to live in fields, forests and warm areas. They prefer to live in areas from where they can easily access plants and trees.

Peacock feathers shed every year and new feathers grow in their place.

In the rainy season, the peacock dances with its feathers open. Many people like to watch peacock dance. But it is rarely seen.

amazing about peacocks- Peacock’s voice is very loud and harsh, but they do not always make the same sound, they can make different types of sounds.

Their wings are covered with a layer of crystals, due to which they appear very shiny.

In ancient times, peacock feathers were used for writing by dipping ink in bhojpatra etc.


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