Benefits of Dhuni

Benefits of Dhuni – God resides in the house where dhuni is also done during worship in the morning and evening. Along with this, happiness and prosperity also reside. Apart from this, freedom from diseases and defects can also be found.

1. Guggul- Giving fumigation of Guggul not only pleases the mind, but it also drives away evil forces. Dhuni can be given with cow dung cakes or cow dung cakes. Guggal is very effective, its dhuni should not be burnt daily.

2. frankincense – there is a lot of recognition of frankincense fumigation. This removes negativity inside the house and strengthens the relationship with the spouse.

But there are rules for burning frankincense, burning it attracts otherworldly powers. So don’t burn it without asking an expert.

3. Neem leaves- Burn neem leaves in the house once or twice a week. Due to this, where one and all types of bacteria will be destroyed. The same architecture will also end.

4. Camphor- Every day in the morning and evening, burning camphor and cloves in the house removes all types of architectural defects. Its aarti should be taken by all the members of the family. The economic crisis also goes away with this experiment Also there is no shortage of money.

5. Carom seeds- Fumigation in the whole house by mixing carom seeds and camphor keeps health good and evils go away.

The fragrance of ajwain is very beneficial for curing cold. Its use is beneficial to remove the problems of cold, asthma and phlegm etc.


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