world prematurity Day
World Prematurity Day – it is observed every year on 17 November. The main objective of this day is to create awareness among people about the care of premature babies.

Premature babies means babies who are born before nine months. These babies are born in the seventh or eighth month and their immunity is weaker than the babies born after nine months so they need more and special care.

If a pregnant woman already has or has any problem with BP, heart problem, diabetes, kidney or liver disease during pregnancy, then this can also lead to the problem of premature delivery.

1. It is difficult to take care of a small child and the child should not be given to anyone with his own hand because there is a fear of infection.

2.Feed the baby every 2 hours. Straight or slightly forward on your lap, always supporting the baby’s head. pat or rub your baby’s back to help him pass the wind.

3. Special care has to be taken of the body temperature of the premature baby.
The mother should stay with her child for longer periods of time. He should be put to sleep by sticking it to his body (chest). This will keep the child warm. will feel safe. With this he will recognize his mother, his development will also be quick.

4. Keep track of your child’s vaccination schedule and get your child vaccinated as per the schedule.

5. Baby should be kept in light sunlight and baby does not have jaundice problem and gets Vitamin D.

6.The baby should be massaged comfortably and after massage, take a bath with warm water.

7. Always make the child sleep on the back. Never make him lie on the stomach and Baby should keep checking up with the doctor.


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