study tips
Study tips- Today’s children do not feel like studying because of their lack of sleep, laptops, mobile phones, less learning power, and poor health, and many other things to do.

1. Set a timetable for the child. This will also improve the lifestyle of the child and they will have enough time to play, study and sleep.

2. Along with studying, playing is equally important for children. This can accelerate the mental development of the child. Along with this, their mood can also be fresh.

3. Today, instead of healthy food, the trend of junk food has increased among children, due to which they do not get proper nutrition. Along with this, children can also become victims of many diseases due to the consumption of junk food. That’s why it would be better to make the child eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs etc.

4. Not having a good home environment can also be one of the reasons for the child’s lack of interest in studies. That’s why keep the atmosphere of the house good in front of the child and do not quarrel in front of them.

5. Do not allow anyone to use T-V, music at home while the child is studying. Children do not study because of mobile and mind to use mobile So don’t keep mobile phone near you while studying.

6. When you don’t feel like studying, then take a walk for a while or listen to a song of your choice, or you can eat and drink something.

7. Build self-confidence and understand with love. Motivate the children instead of scolding them for their low numbers. give them emotional support.

8. Good study habits include finding a quiet place to study, taking breaks, setting goals, and taking practice tests.


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