Goddess of home

Goddess of home- A woman is the Lakshmi of the house. Every girl brings happiness and good luck into the house.

Where women get respect and love, there resides Lakshmi ji.

Some people do not respect women and taunt on everything. Some people don’t give money, so where will there be blessings?
They spoil their own deeds and blame God.

1. Gruha Lakshmi – it is a believer, service minded, forgiving, charitable, intelligent, kind and performing duties with utmost devotion.

The woman who listens to her husband’s words and follows them. Apart from this, there is no talk that hurts the heart of the husband, for such a woman, the husband is ready to do anything.

2. Sobhagya Laxmi – it means good fortune bestows you with good luck. Provides from wealth, lifestyle, food.

The woman who always speaks sweet words, whose voice is sweet and never talks to anyone in a loud voice, who talks to everyone in a sweet voice, such women are always fortunate.

Respect money, use it properly, then money becomes Lakshmi. worship her like lakshmi.

3. Vidhya Laxmi- Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is placed on a stone in a stable position. When knowledge comes, there is stability in life. We can misuse knowledge too

Some woman creates trouble in the house and does not respect elders and does not serve, she is not Lakshmi.

The atmosphere of the house should be maintained and nobody should be wasted and the work should be maintained and silence is the best way because the answer is received at the time of arrival.

4. Aadya Laxmi- One who gets the knowledge of the source becomes free from all fear and attains contentment and bliss.

5. Santaan Laxmi – The child from whom one gets happiness, prosperity and peace, that child is Lakshmi. And, the child with whom there was quarrel, tension, trouble, sorrow, pain, pain, that child is not Lakshmi.


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