faith and belief
Faith and belief – it  is the belief that a phenomenon is true without the basis of knowledge, while faith is the expectation with certainty of things expected and clear evidence of facts that are not yet visible.

1.Faith takes us from darkness to light and unites us with the gods. it is absolute trust or confidence in something or someone.

2. It  is built on self-knowledge, whereas blind faith is imposed by someone else’s knowledge. Faith liberates, while superstition enslaves and destroys.

3. The  stabilizes our mind and makes it strong by removing our doubts and fears. A sharp mind is a loyal and powerful mind and is capable of making good decisions or being ‘righteous’.

4. This is the biggest power. It is the basis of life. This is life and hope. The person who believes this to be so will be so.

5. love and trust Never lose because love doesn’t happen to everyone not everyone trusts.

6. At the beginning of any work, keep thinking positive and believe in yourself, then you can get happiness and peace along with success.

7. You should believe in yourself and not depend on others. Some people interfere and stay away from negative people because they don’t want to move forward.

8. Some people talk here and there and lie, don’t trust such people. Even after knowing everything, they become ignorant.

9. The biggest test of our faith is when we don’t get what we want and yet our hearts only give thanks to God Jai Shri radhey Krishna.


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