Body language

Body language – We are taught how to get up, sit, and speak from childhood and we learn something by looking outside, it enhances our personality.

One’s a that does not contain words, but speaks without saying anything.

1. Keep distance from people – While talking, keep some distance from the person you are talking to and keep talking. If you talk near him, he may get annoyed with you. Express your thoughts and put your point in front of others with full confidence.

2. Eye contact – The wisdom of confidence is combined with eye contact to improve the. Do not make eye contact while talking to someone because others think that you are not interested in what they are saying. politely – Talk to someone with positive energy and smile. Must shake hands with polite soulful smile and And with great decency have to inquire about their well being and then proceed further. Do not sit anywhere without permission.

4. Keep smile- One’s facial expressions are sad, angry, happy and your face should be in the right mood for some people to be interested in talking to you. Keep a slight smile on your face whenever you go to meet someone.

5. Don’t bow down – Always keep your shoulders straight. Whenever you meet someone, neither sit too tight nor bend too much, it can make you appear insecure in front of others.

6. Whenever you meet a person, do not rub your hands again and again. Do not fix your hair again and again. If you are putting your thoughts in front of someone, then keep them with full confidence.

7. Whenever you speak, keep restraint in your language and say your words clearly. You can also use your hands while speaking. This brings clarity to your thoughts.


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