Sunlight benefits

Sunlight benefits- One should sit in the sun daily in the winter season. Our body gets heat and also becomes strong.

Vitamin D is found in sufficient quantity in the morning sunlight. Which gives a lot of benefits to the skin along with health.

A small child should be massaged and the child gets Vitamin D.

Some people eat food in the sun and should walk after eating. Sleeps well and does not cause fatigue.

Some children study and children study in an atmosphere of peace.

Often people drink cold water after coming home from the hot sun. Instead, you should make your body temperature equal to room temperature. Instead of drinking cold water, drink normal water after waiting for a few minutes.

Apart from wearing glasses, umbrellas, shoes etc., to avoid strong sunlight, go out only by covering your head.

By looking at the sun, the light of the eyes increases and shines. meditation brings peace of mind.

As far as possible, we should take morning sunlight only for a short time. When redness is more in it and ultraviolet rays are less, then sunlight harms us less.

Applying sun skin cream does not make the skin black.

Surya Namaskar should be done. There are 12 postures of Surya Namaskar. Its digestion system remains correct. by doing Surya Namaskar, the stomach is reduced, there is energy in our body and the spinal cord is forced.

The sun is heat, fire and energy and one should worship the sun.




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