common cold
Common cold – causes cough due to change in weather. Spicy food is caused and eating oily food. It is caused by the virus. It is caused by eating sour things.

For cough, mix honey, ginger juice and black pepper.

Take hot milk turmeric. Gargle with hot water and salt. Drink spiced tea. One should sit in the sun. Oats, garlic are taken. Quieting for sore throat relieves.

The nose is blocked then use hot ghee. running nose for Use ajwain dhuni (ajwain seeds on charcoal, inhale it). Drink a decoction of basil, carom seeds and ginger.

Use cold bath in the morning, in summer, use lukewarm bath in winter and do not go out in cold and half an hour after bath.

If there is phlegm and phlegm, gargling should be done with salt and lukewarm water. This clears the mucus of the throat and also removes phlegm.

Take steam daily. Taking steam can be a good option to remove phlegm accumulated from the lungs.

Drink warm fluids You should drink plenty of fluids to get relief from mucus accumulation in the lungs.

Milk and milk products can increase your disease in cough. Eating these can cause complaints of mucus in the respiratory system, lungs and throat.

sick children stop eating and mother eats but they should not eat food because they themselves can become ill or have an infection.

Lukewarm water helps fight common cold, cough and sore throat. Lukewarm water reduces swelling in the throat and removes the infection from the body.


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