Good thought

good thought – 1. A person is not wise when he starts talking big things, but wise when he starts understanding small things.

2. Do what you are afraid to do and keep doing it, this is the easiest way to conquer your fear.

3. Reading a little and thinking more, talking less and listening more is the way to become intelligent.

4. You should have more than you show, you should speak less than you know..

5. Life asked what is a dream, Reality spoke in closed eyes which is ours, The same dream happens with open eyes. life reality life heart touching quotes in hindi.

6. Any advice if in trouble with advice if asked You should also give your support because the advice is wrong can but not together.

7. If you want to do something different in life, then never be a part of the crowd, because the crowd gives courage but takes away the identity.

8. Life is a beautiful dream, In which there should be a will to live, Sorrow itself will turn into happiness, There should be a habit of just smiling.

9. It is much better to use your body’s energy to find a solution than to spend it worrying.

10. Read the sayings of great men to motivate yourself, read biographies of successful people, inspirational stories, personal development articles.

11. Those who not only make us realize our duties, but also show us the way to move forward on the right path, along with this help us achieve our life goals.


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