Renunciation -To give up the sense of belongingness towards any object or not to have attachment towards that object, karma contrary to eclipse, renunciation, detachment, detachment, neglect of selfishness, surrender, giving generously, giving up attachment and delusion.

This is to give up the old ways of thinking. That doesn’t mean giving up our worldly life and becoming a monk, but transforming our thoughts and actions.

Only by freeing our mind of the old thoughts, one is open to new ideas and can explore the

These posts include: Truth, Charity, Karma, Forgiveness, Stamina and much in love and sacrifice power that poor person’s life Makes you happy and great.

1. Chester Charles:- No man grows a rose for himself; sharing beauty with others for the sake of pleasure only increases his attainment.

2. Mahatma Gandhi:- The man whose spirit of sacrifice does not go beyond his caste, he himself is selfish and makes his caste selfish.

3. Swet Marden:- If you want to get knowledge without renunciation and sacrifice, then its deity will not open the door for you. To get anything in this world, its price has to be paid.

4. One has to struggle to fulfill his dream. You have to make sacrifices and work hard for it. — Lionel Messi

5. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone. — Zayn Malik

6. One who voluntarily sacrifices things, only he can be happy forever. The beggar will never be angry, because he has not left. Gautam Buddha


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