Vertigo- Sometimes there can be severe dizziness due to lack of blood in the body, anemia, or any other physical problem.

Tea and coffee should be consumed less. Drinking too much tea-coffee also causes dizziness.

1. It can be reduced to a great extent by the use of ancient methods like yoga, meditation and relaxation

2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily and eat fruits that keep your body hydrated.

3. Fruits and green vegetables should be eaten.

4. You can use various home remedies including turmeric, ginger, almond, guduchi, saffron, cumin, and amla to deal with the.

5. In case of vertigo and dizziness, make tea of ​​mint leaves and consume it. You will also get relief from nausea and nervousness along with other.

6. It is helpful in Meniere’s disease. And patients with vestibular migraine are advised to take a low-salt and high-potassium diet.

7. Sometimes there is a problem of dizziness due to low blood sugar. In such a situation, quickly take a chocolate or any light food full of sugar and carbohydrates.

8. Stay away from bright lights, television and avoid reading if you have vertigo, as these distractions can make the symptoms worse.

9. Treat ear infections, colds, sinus and other respiratory infections in time.

10. If you feel dizzy, you should sit or lie down immediately and in case of severe dizziness, keep your eyes closed while lying in a dark room.

11. Balance therapy: You can learn special yoga poses to help make your balance system less sensitive to dizziness. It is used in people with vertigo caused by problems in the inner ear.


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