Types of tilak-

Types of Tilak -it is considered God’s Prasad, which when applied on the forehead showers divine grace and increases a person’s happiness and fortune.

Tilak is always applied in the name of God, so before applying Tilak one should take bath and wear clean clothes.

Those who perform Havan in the morning and evening should perform Havan only by applying Tilak. Without Tilak the fruit is not obtained.

1. Dhuni- In the temples of Shiva, dhuni keeps burning continuously, the ghost of such a holy place destroys the obstacles in human life.

2. White tilak- To control the mind, it is necessary to keep the mind calm, so applying white tilak keeps the mind calm.

3. Red tilak- Apply red vermilion tilak, due to which the frustration generated in the mind will end and you will get energy, due to which you will speed up your work.

To increase the intelligence of the mind, applying dry vermilion tilak is very beneficial. Apply red color or vermilion tilak, this will relieve stress and also bring physical happiness.

4. Sandalwood- By applying it with red sandalwood or Hari sandalwood so that Vishnu’s trust remains on you and by increasing respect, independence develops.

5. Turmeric tilak- Applying tilak containing turmeric purifies the skin. For positive thinking and purification of mind, grind sandalwood and mix saffron paste in it and apply Tilak. Saffron lights the tilak of saffron whose brain is cool.

Applying turmeric tilak on the forehead calms the mind and also works in the prevention of mental diseases.


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