form of doctor god

form of doctor god- It is said that when someone is sick or suffering from some pain, first the name of God comes out of his mouth, then he sees God only in the doctor.

Their are in the form of God. It saves our life and cures all diseases. The course of medicine should be completed.

There are many types of doctors. Everyone’s method of treatment is different. Such as doctors of homeopathy, doctors of allopathy, doctors of Ayurveda and medicine doctors.

Some people are careless and it is difficult to trust them and do wrong treatment for money.

One should get good treatment from good person and have faith.

Some poor people are not able to complete their treatment and they should be helped.

It is necessary to have doctors for the society. It is important to build trust by having doctors faithfully fulfill their duty.

Many people prefer to take over-the-counter medicines for common cold, flu and fever as they believe that the doctor may unnecessarily aggravate the issue.

At the time of Corona, that had saved the lives of the patients and used to treat them day and night.

How gave new life to many people without caring for their lives.

Where the doctor examines the patient, diagnoses the disease and determines the related treatment, whereas the nurse serves the patient by giving him medicine, injecting, taking blood to check BP, diabetes etc.

Doctors should act responsibly and maintain the dignity of the profession.


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