Life skill

Life skill- Everyone should it new every day in the life. Spend time with someone who is more knowledgeable than you, it is most important with whom you spend your time.

One should learn good things and stay with intelligent people.

1. Revise while sleeping what you learned today- What is written in the diary before bedtime? What did you do and read? Read Motivational Books and Science.

2. learn from your mistakes- Everyone makes mistakes and one has to learn from mistakes. One should learn from other’s mistake so that there is no mistake again.

3. get new information from the internet- Get some knowledge from the internet and search for some new in it. There are millions of such websites from where you will get to learn new skills.

4. Know what you like? – Learn the thing in which you are interested. Until you know what you like and how do you proceed?

Always ready to learn. You can always learn a lot from your colleagues. what’s the harm in this.

5.   judo karate- You should learn Judo Karate and Yoga for your self defense, it has great confidence and courage.

6. One should keep on doing his duty and inspite of doing the duty of some people, people create things, such people should be ignored.

7. Keep your mind healthy and eat good things.

8. The main rule of time management is to spend time in performing the tasks that you value or in doing those tasks that are helpful in achieving your goal.

9. Everyone knows what should be learned, what is lacking in them, they should try to remove it. If you do not know your shortcomings, then you should try to become a good person. The one who does not hurt anyone, brings smile on everyone’s face. The meaning of saying is that people should be happy to meet you or those who meet you.


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