Divorce – Some people get divorced because each other is not getting and there is a fight every day. He himself ruins the life of his wife and defames her. men don’t tell their shortcomings.

some women can handle it And when the courage breaks: the matter of problem comes.

We get happiness and sorrow because of our deeds.

There are some couples who love and understand or care for each other.

such people are lucky. marry the life partner of your choice.

Some women make their life by being alone. There is no use of getting married again when luck is not written.

With a little understanding and understanding, a new beginning of life can be made even after separation.

It  is not as easy as people think. Some people do this in haste and do not think about what will affect the lives of their children.

Acts rashly in anger and regrets later. If it doesn’t work, then you should stay away from each other and spend your life together.

In-laws don’t consider daughter-in-law as daughter and husband-wife fight because of family membershappen.

It is not possible to get mutual in a week. After filing the first petition and recording the statements of both the parties, the court generally adjourns the matter for a period of 6 months.

This rule is applicable even when the husband and wife are living separately for many years without. The relationship between husband and wife is considered sacred.

After divorce, not only the partner separates, but the company of the family, their love and other comforts are also left out, only loneliness and despair remain.



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