school habits

School habits – 1. Going to school everyday is a good habit. Knowledge is gained by studying daily and it is necessary to study.

2. Those students who do not study daily, they have to face a lot of trouble at the time of examination.

3. Nowadays children pay more attention to mobile and hence less attention is paid to studies.

4. Students start social media just to run for 10 minutes, but when 10 minutes become an hour, it is not known. To avoid this, the student should use stop watch.

5. Every student can be as good as he wants in studies. Just the student should not believe that he is not better than the other. The loser is the one who considers himself a loser. If you are a student then you should never consider yourself less than anyone.

6. Some children remain sick and miss their studies.

7. The child should make good friends and be smart in studies.

8. One should never hide anything from the teacher and should not lie and Lying harms oneself.

9. It is said that a child’s education begins at home and his first teacher is his mother.

10. Inculcate the habit of keeping the children clean from the beginning and teach them to live together.

11. A good student should always follow the orders of parents, teachers and elders. Learning and discipline both are necessary to live life happily.

12. Carrying out on-the-job learning, journaling everyday experiences, planning ahead from those experiences, and considering the way each child learns.


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