prevention from corona

prevention from corona – If you want to defeat Corona, then please follow all these. All these measures will protect you from other diseases as well and keep you healthy. Will also increase your immunity.

1. Do not keep it on an empty stomach. causes gas and acidity.

2. One should sit in the sun for 1 hour in the daily routine.

3. Exercise and yoga should be done daily so that health remains good.

4. Before going out of the house, wear a mask and do not shake hands with anyone.

5. fruits, eat orange or citrus fruits as much as possible.

6. Eat Amla in any form whether it is pickle, marmalade, powder etc.

7. For cold, steam should be taken and nose, heat olive oil in a fry  pan and add 2-3 garlic, after that fry a little, then turn off the gas. 1-2 drops put in nose.

8. Add cloves, black pepper, cardamom, basil and cinnamon to the morning tea and drink it as per requirement.

9. Drink at least one glass of milk by adding turmeric at night and also give it to the children. Turmeric in milk will also increase immunity in your body.

10. Do fumigation of camphor, Clove and Google every evening at home.

11. If the hands are washed repeatedly, then no germs of any kind accumulate in the hands.

12. In such a situation, if you or the people you live with have these symptoms, then you should get tested immediately and self-isolate yourself at home so that this infection does not reach others.


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