manner of speaking
manner of speaking- The way of speaking of some people is wrong. Whoever speaks, does not speak after thinking.

Some people find evil and shortcomings, talk less with such people and ignore them.

Don’t talk too loud to anyone and people listen when you talk with love.

Do not repeat anything or ask because no one listens again.

It is said about people who speak less do not like to join crowds of people.

The best thing about such people is that they can think about something with full attention.

One should not always listen to one side and must listen to the other side because it does not lead to misunderstandings.

Don’t waste your brain by talking too much it spoils the nerves of the brain.

When you listen carefully to someone, the person talking to you feels better. It understanding what others say by listening.

People who speak less have a very clear heart and If there is any problem with everyone, they do not share it with others, rather he solves it by keeping it in their mind.

While conversing, we should speak sweet speech which does not contain pride and which pleases the heart of the listener.

When you give yourself time, listen to your inner voice and question it, it keeps your mind calm.

By speaking the truth, troubles and tribulations start to go away in the life of a man and God is also pleased with this.

When someone argues with you and they talk among themselves and fight, then you should remain silent.


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