my rules
My rules- There are many in my life. Everyone should make his own. This year is about to come and change yourself.

1. improve yourself- I have made mistakes in the old year, and I will rectify them. I forgive my mistakes and ask God for forgiveness.

2. Avoid thinking it-  Whatever happened, happened, and don’t think about old things. Think about the future and have fun.

3. God is great – I believe in God because he helps and God is always with me.

4. make others happy- If someone does not want to talk to me or behave with me, then I stay away from such people.

5. Learn- Some things in life cannot be learned, they can only be experienced. only understand the success of life.

6. Self-care – Be kind to people, take care of their respect and people will take care of you.

7. I don’t care what the world thinks and does evil about me, but I don’t let myself fall in my own eyes.

8. For fitness-  Meditation and exercises should be done every morning and walking in the garden.

9. donate- Poor people should be given clothes, food, and necessary things, similarly, blankets should be given in the cold.

10. Those who need service should be served as much as possible so that they give us their blessings which makes us happy.

11. Life becomes a lot easier when you see the good in people instead of their bad.

12. No one can solve your problems. Only you can solve your problems.



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