Happy new year

Happy New Year – Celebrating the new year from January 1 started on October 15, 1582. People gather to watch traditional fireworks at many places. The New Year is one of the few holidays that comes off truly stress-free.

Wishing –

1. Do this first thing in the new year, first taking the name of Ganesha, it will remove obstacles in your life, and it will give you auspicious blessings.

2. Keep your attachment to yourself, not to the new year. You will see a new day every day and this year will again become old like the previous ones.

3. The new year has come as a light, May the lock of your luck open,
May the almighty be kind to you always, This is what your lover prays.

4. welcome the new year
Let’s walk on a new path by forgetting past grievances. With this wish, best wishes for the new year.

5. Whatever dreams you have in your eyes, And whatever desires are hidden in your heart, may this new year make them come true. Here are our best wishes to you!

6. I pray that your name will be on every peak of success, The world will salute you at every step, to face difficulties with courage,
We pray that one day the time also comes.

7. Sometimes she laughs, sometimes she cries, Don’t know how many colors this life shows, Even when I laugh my eyes become moist, Don’t know what kind of memories are there in the heart.


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