Smarter- It doesn’t take beauty to be smart. For that one should have good qualities to be smart. By learning something good and new, your smartness becomes.

1. Must have personality and body language. Always be updated in the work you do and must have some knowledge.

There should be personality and body language. This is important for your career, life, and success.

2. Think positive things and stay away from negative people, don’t waste your time with them.

3. Keep your kids busy and active. Make children dance, do yoga, and do any course.

4. speak less and listen more. Talking too much reduces your value and doing evil doesn’t take interest and Complaining doesn’t make you smart.

5. Your smile beautifies your face to look naturally beautiful. And your smile only enhances the brightness and beauty of your face.

6. Daily routine exercise must be done and it will remain active throughout the day. Exercising strengthens your muscles and keeps your weight under control.

7. A clever person is one who cleverly gets his own and others’ work done.

8. Doing smart work saves you a lot of time and you can spend that time with your family and friends.

9. Eat green vegetables and eat fruits for fitness and Lose weight.

10. While doing difficult work, first of all divide that work into small parts and then complete that work by working on each part so that it will be easy to do difficult work and this is a great way to do smart work.


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