God is love
God is love – we should Wake up early in the morning, and we should bow down to Mother Earth. Work is religion, service is worship and suffering is devotion.

This is also the soul of devotion and Without this, no matter how much a person chants, meditates, or donates. He can’t get it. Without it, no means of the world can make a living being its mouth.

May God bless you with all the good things coming your way, and may you always find happiness and peace.

1. Favorite deity – it means deity of your choice. Chant mantras and perform Havan for your favorite deity.

Whenever there is a crisis, remember your favorite God and do meditation.

Just as it is said that it is necessary to have a Guru in life, similarly the presiding deity is equally important.

2. Family deity – It means the one to whom your family is entrusted. Worship should be done daily and offerings should be made to God.

If there is no picture of the family deity or deity in your house, tie a betel nut in a betel leaf and tie a molly on it and apply cloves while remembering the family deity and make a swastika on it.

In auspicious functions like birth, marriage, etc., they are worshiped or praised in their name by going to the place of the deities.

Worshiping not only gives peace to the mind, but the atmosphere of the house also remains good. But you should take special precautions along with worshiping your presiding deity. You should also remember your presiding deity.


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