Good qualities
Good qualities – Good qualities are more important than beauty, that’s why like a person whose mind is more beautiful than their face.

1. God helps those who help others. If you can help others, do so. Remember that you cannot help, so at least do not harm them. Only those who are in pain can help.

2.  Kindness means doing a favor to someone without any selfishness and Kindness is of utmost importance in any religion.

3. They have a lot of energy and they are always on the move. doing good to others brings happiness. Generous people have big hearts and are kind.

4. We should help others and help the poor, destitute, and needy.

5.  Helping others brings happiness. By helping others, we get virtueMan must help others.

6.  A lifetime’s earnings may end, but the blessings from help never end. No thanks for the help.

7.  It doesn’t take money to help someone, but it takes a lot of minds.

8. Help your parents out by keeping the rooms in your house clean and finding opportunities to take over their chores.

9. If we help someone today, then sooner or later someone will help us too.

10. The identity of a person is charity. A society in which there is more sense of charity. That society always remains happy. And stays together.

11.  If you give happiness to others then you will get happiness and by donating like this we get it from somewhere.

12. The person who speaks the truth is very good, he never lies and always speaks the truth.



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