Winter Health
Winter Health:- when we see poor people and how they live. Some people give tea to the poor and some give them clothes. In such a situation, there is a need to take special care of children and the elderly. Keep these things in mind to protect yourself from cold and cold waves.

Every person feels cold according to his body’s internal capacity, lifestyle and food habits.

1. does not feel cold by working or Exercising and yoga should be done and it gets energy.

2. Some people drink less water in winter due to the cold and want warm water so that they do not feel cold.

3. In hill stations it is cold in the mountains and it is snowing.

4. When there is a deficiency of iron in the body, then the formation of blood in the body decreases and this causes anemia. People who have low blood circulation may feel colder.

5. Take Vitamin C to avoid colds. Include orange, lemon, sweet lime, and amla in your diet.

6. By sitting in the sun daily, the body gets warm and gets Vitamin D.

7. Drinking soup, decoction, coffee, and tea reduce coldness.

8. Keep your room heater on but do not use it for a long time. it gets hot in the room.

9. Don’t allow cold air to go directly into the ear, protect yourself with a muffler scarf, etc. The head and chest should also be covered.

10. Mustard oil is more suitable to be used in this season instead of coconut oil.


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