Happy Lohri

Happy Lohri –  I like the festivals because at night we light firewood and enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Eat peanuts, popcorn, and sweets, and drink tea and coffee. We dance and listen to music.

This is a sacred festival of the Sikh community and is celebrated with great pomp during the winter season.

The festival is celebrated in many places in the country. Lord Krishna, Adishakti, and Agnidev are especially worshiped on this day.

These days farmers bring their crops home with great enthusiasm and celebrate. This is celebrated as New Year by farmers in Punjab province.

Light a fire and offer sesame seeds, maize, and peanuts in it then circumambulate it 7 or 11 times.

Donating jaggery and sesame seeds to the poor brings good fortune.

The fire lit is called the first grand and public Yagya on the day of Uttarayan of the Sun God.

On the day, which will be lit in the evening with special worship on a pile of wood, the next day after taking a bath of Makar Sankranti, people will come to their homes, warming their hands with that fire.

message- 1. May the fire burn all the evil in your life and bring you happiness, love, and blessings.

2. At night gives the message of living together in harmony with family and relatives by laughing, dancing, and singing.

3. May God protect you from every sight, may the moon decorate you more than the stars, may you never know what hurts you, and may God make you laugh a lot in this and festivals.


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