my autobiography
my autobiography- some people write their autobiographies. We want to learn something new from life. Many times I think that I should write some things about my life.

1. my childhood- I was born in the village, used to be sick, and had a weakness. My mother used to take care of and massage.

I started walking when I was 2 years old and learned to speak too late and then I got well.

We used to drink cow’s milk and go to the fields with our families and have fun. used to eat fruits and drink tea.

2. School time- After growing up a bit, came to live in Delhi and started going to school there was some program in the school and my studies were also good.

My friend was very good but it was a pity that she had Suicide because she was tension with her personal life.

3. Young time- Started doing courses after school and joined a hobby class and was busy with that.

I was interested in writing stories and used to write every day. Loved listening to the song and still listen to it.

4. My marriage- I got married and I didn’t know how to cook. after marriage, I learned to cook and work on my own.

5. My children- When the children were born, it was difficult to work and kept the maid. after that, she started taking care of the children and they are go to school.

6. Now I do online business and write blogs and I do not like to waste time. I do meditation, exercise, and walking too.


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