Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti – this means the power of the sun and self-confidence. the sun gives us energy, heat, and light.

On this day Sun God enters Capricorn. That’s why the festival is celebrated.

The festival of Sankranti has cultural significance. People all over India celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. It is also celebrated in other countries. But in India, it is given special importance. In India we do not have extreme temperatures, the climatic conditions are quite balanced.

Worship the sun God, do meditation in front of the sun, and give you must water.

On the day, a kite was flown by Lord Shri Ram, which reached Indralok and That is why kites are flown on this day.

We should take bath in the Ganges in Haridwar, it calms us down.

Poor people should be given food and clothes. khichdi is considered very special.

Sesame and jaggery have special importance, sesame laddoo is also made and sesame is used in most dishes.

When the Sun comes back to this earth, then all the creativity of Mother Earth comes into play and she creates beautiful things like flowers, such beautiful things, nutritious things like fruits, and fulfilling things like fruits.

When the Sun is Uttarayan, then its rays work as medicine for our body, and while flying kites, our body comes directly in contact with the Sun’s rays, due to which many physical diseases which we do not even know about, get destroyed automatically and Let’s go.

From the first day, the effect of the cold starts reducing and the days gradually get longer.





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