Benefits of clapping

Benefits of clapping – this means cheering to welcome someone by clapping. When we clap we are happy and grief goes ways.¬†When we celebrate someone’s birthday, we clap and get happy.

1. cures disease- According to scientific research, clapping for 15 minutes gives us relief from many diseases like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, etc.

2. Good for health- Clapping not only benefits the body but also strengthens your mental health. There is good exercise for our hearts and lungs.

3. clapping sound- While clapping, the air there is quickly removed by the collision of the palm. A lot of air suddenly comes in to fill empty space.

4. Eunuchs – they suddenly reach home only on occasions like marriage or birth anniversary and express happiness by clapping, but in their community, they also express their feelings through clapping.

5. Clap your hands – When worshiping God and singing Aarti, then clapping must be done. It gives energy and mental peace.

6. In ancient times, common people did not have musical instruments, so they used to clap to give rhythm to bhajan-kirtan.

7. Good clapping- Whether religious, playing sports or watching a performance, clapping is used to give a positive response.

8. To do this therapy-  first of all, apply mustard or coconut oil to your hands. After this, join both hands and clap loudly.

9. Do practice- People who practice this therapy every day, their memory is good and by this, they remember everything and anything.

10. Some people sing songs and dance. Clapping keeps active and gives energy.


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