journey of the Soul
journey of the Soul – There are many powers of the soul, intelligence, culture, meditation, happiness, peace, love, and power. It feels because of its quality.

Shri Krishna says in the Gita, I am present in every person as a soul, that is, this soul is the form of God.

it is a form of energy that can be seen at the time of self-knowledge and divine knowledge. There is no earth element inside souls, so they move like air.

The union of the soul with the divine is called Sahaja Yoga. Through this, by awakening, the Kundalini, the soul of a person meets the divine and it directly connects with God.

This life cycle of the soul continues until it becomes free or attains salvation.

– someone is reborn and remembers or experiences past things. It is said that we get the balance of our bad and good deeds from the previous birth and for bad deeds we have to suffer in this birth.

In this way there are two purposes of rebirth, first, that man lives life according to the fruits of his deeds, and second, by gaining experience from these deeds, he brings improvement in the new life.

– To remove the evil force of your house, you should dhuni into the daily routine.

By keeping lumps of salt in the corners of the house, negative energies go away.

wear tikka on your forehead and Hanuman Chalisa read and listens. Negative energy goes away by sitting in the sun.



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