The mountains

The mountains- It is nice to see greenery all around and it is nice to enjoy it in the kempty fall and listen to music when I travel. Some people prefer to live in the.  as there is pollution in the cities and Pollution is less in hilly areas.

Living in the mountains is a great way to get away from the stress and busyness of city life.

Some people go to hill stations for sightseeing. If the mountains purify the air, then the water level of the land also increases. it is a treasure house of many miraculous herbs and medicines.

Some people are generally good, straight, simple, and brave. Being that The mind gets peace and it feels good to meditate.

With increasing altitude, there is a shortage of oxygen in the mountains. The problem of iodine is more in people living in mountainous areas.

The food of the hill people is very simple. The people there do not eat much fried and spicy food.

The main elements needed to make an alive are trees and water there both are essential.

Thick rope, anchor, hook, studded shoes, gloves, water bottle, food packets, oxygen, etc. are required for climbing the.

Just as a always stands without moving in its place, in the same way, we should also keep our mind stable. We should always work hard because without hard work nothing is possible.

The height there is very high, but the view from the height is very beautiful, that is, the more difficult it will be to win in your life, the more beautiful your vision will be.





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