God quotes
God quotes – Good deeds there are those after doing which you do not feel fear and sleep peacefully and blissfully at night.

worshiping to please the Gods and Goddesses give us peace of mind and God fulfills our wishes.

There should not be a bathroom near the temple. This can also spoil our health

Touch Mother Earth and touch your eyes. Meditation should be done after worship. walking barefoot in the park is good for health.

Sun should be given water. Offering water gives energy to the soul and mind of a person.

Tulsiji should be given water. Worship brings happiness and peace to the house and God’s grace is received.

Some people say that worshiping God does not listen. To worship, one should do it with a true heart and in peace. There should be a prayer to God. God does not listen because of a lack of devotion or lack of peace in the mind.

We should tell God that we have made a mistake and forgive us. When it is time for worship, let the negative thoughts come.

God is pleased if God is seen in any form in the dream. Prayer should be done simply and clearly and should be easily spoken.

Yawning or sleeping during worship is also a sign of negativity, if you feel sleepy during worship, then it should be understood that some negative energy is present around you and it is preventing you from doing religious work.

Laddu Gopalji is believed to be the child form of Lord Krishna, who is served in the same way as one takes care of a newborn baby.


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