Picky eater

Picky eater- Refusing to eat something new, reluctant to eat, and always demanding to eat something special is called.

1. Sometimes children are bored of eating, so make it another way for them.

2. Inculcate the habit of eating food with the family and sitting at the table with the children.

3. Some children eat fast food and oily food, junk food and it is not good for their health.

4. Make a habit of eating daily fruits, eggs, dry fruits, and salads.

5. Inculcate the habit of healthy drinks at home, juice, milk, buttermilk, coconut water, and soup should be given.

6. Make a list of what your child eats and doesn’t eat.

7. If the child does not want to drink milk, then feed them cottage cheese, curd, cream, paneer, etc. to meet the calcium requirement.

8. Due to having worms in the stomach, whether the children feel hungry or not and for that, medicine must be given within a week.

9. The medicine causes heat in the stomach and loss of appetite. The liquid drinks should be given so that the child does not get constipated.

10. If your child does not eat any food, do not prepare separate food for him, but encourage him to eat the same food.

11. If you want to feed the kids something healthy, new, and tasty, then plan a new theme for dinner every day. For example, if you serve Mexican food on some days, you can plan many themes like Chinese, Italian, Indian, South Indian, Thai, and European on some days.


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