Beautiful eyes

Beautiful eyes –  there are very beautiful and we should take care of the. You should get your check-up. Eat healthy food and sleep with makeup off at night.

1. understand- our work if there is only to see and to convey the seen message to the brain. They are also helpful in the beauty of the body.

2. Our language – this doesn’t need any language. She talks a lot without speaking. Eyes say a lot and the person in front can understand.

3. small baby – baby has no tears because real tears don’t start flowing until the babies are at least four weeks old.

4. Do rest – Some people do computers and mobiles and they should be relaxed. If you want to remove your glasses and increase your eyesight, you can do some simple exercises daily.

5. Light in the – Eat dry fruits to improve your eyesight. keep your eyes closed in the sun and it sparkles in the.

6. Do Meditation – it is not just the name of closing the eyes.  Being concentrated is the name of a great practice.

7. Due to the evil eye, our health, thinking and progress get obstructed for a moment. This obstruction is very fast and stops everything completely without any reason.

8. Keep smiles – Being happy brings a glow to the face and also makes the eyes sparkle.

9. wake up at 3-5 am- Your Guru wants, your Ishta wants, Divine power wants you to wake up, you remember God, you chant God because many powers are waiting for you, which you have to get.


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