Benefits of Mobile

Benefits of mobile – The advantage of this is good and it is important for us. Some people are bored in their life, live alone, and use it for their interests.

chatting with relations and friends or making video calls with people who live far away.

Online business runs a lot and there are also online studies or courses.
Paying bills and doing shopping and job. In this, we share contact numbers, photos, music, and location.

Due to phones the studies and writing of students have become very weak. The use of mobile throughout the night makes people’s minds weak.

Nowadays children no play outdoor games and watch mobile all day.

Excessive use causes a lack of sleep, tension, and many problems.

The experiences a smartphone connects us with – social media, games, videos, apps – can all bring us happiness.

should not be used in the dark as it causes blurred vision. turn off the data or switch off the phone.

When we need light in the dark, we use a torch, and sometimes when the light goes out, we light a torch.

In today’s time, we save everything on mobile and do not try to remember it, due to which our memory starts getting weak.

The hearing power of youth is getting weak due to listening to songs with earphones from mobile.

If there was no mobile, today we would have talked together, children would have played in the park, had to go to pay for something, children would have been studying, would not have been able to listen to songs, there would have been some other reason.


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