Naive people

Naive people – Innocence is due to our naive nature. Whatever work is given to us, we do it well and do not wish harm to anyone, wish well for all. The world has become selfish, everyone takes advantage of good people.


1. Some people get things done by speaking with love, that is because.

2. Underneath good people is a feeling of compassion and can’t tell anyone.

3. Some people have less greed for money and do not take the money given by them.

4. When helping others and knowing that you are being taken advantage of.

5. Even if someone is taking advantage of us, we ignore it so that the person in front easily gets an opportunity to fulfill his wish.

Be clever- Clever means a person who has a sharp mind or who can react quickly to things and do that too in the right way. always act smart and don’t give bad shit to anyone.

1. No decision should be taken in haste and don’t give chance to others.

2. don’t try to please everyone and solve your problem yourself.

3. To overcome naïveté, learn to believe in yourself and take care of your own choices along with the choices of others.

4. Do not tell your weakness to anyone, if you want to be clever then you should never tell anyone about your weakness.

5. Do not dominate anyone and control yourself. Don’t waste your time on other’s affairs.

6. Remember that happy people hide your true self. The only thing we all need is wisdom.


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