Different types of laddus
Different types of laddus  – it must be eaten as sweets in the winter season and it is good for Health. There are different sweets and they are tasty to eat.

1. Gond – this Eating cures diseases. The special thing about these is that they are very tasty and healthy to eat and can also be stored for many days.

This is prepared with desi ghee, gum, coconut powder, lots of nuts, and dry fruits.

2. fenugreek  – eating is beneficial in the problem of arthritis. Eating one early in the morning will not only keep your blood sugar levels under control but will also help in keeping your body temperature warm.

Their effect is very hot, that is why some people like to eat in the winter season.

3. Gram flour – this is considered healthy for the heart. It takes very little time to make and they are delicious too. It is very easy to make these sweets. There are made in festivals and offered to Lord Ganesha.

4. Celery  – is one of the best remedies for women to get relief from post-delivery pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain after delivery.

Celery is rich in iron, sodium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

5. Coconut – it is very beneficial for health. By the way, it can be eaten dry and raw as well, but if it is eaten by making laddoos, then there are many health benefits.

You can eat coconut laddoos to give strength to the body during pregnancy and to recover quickly after delivery.


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