the greedy

the greedy- Greed Holding on to what one has and being afraid to spend and which does not belong to it now and is not satisfied with itself and wants to grab others as well.

Some people are jealous and ask for dowry and fool others with their words. These people do not work hard and want to get free.

Some have the greed of getting money and some have the desire for something else.

When greed is born inside a person, it destroys his happiness and satisfaction.

When the child is small, there is no feeling of greed in his mind. Because he is happy and satisfied with what he has.

To satisfy your greed, it is more pleasant to give than to take.

Keeps the person trapped in the web of dissatisfaction. And his mind does not find peace, he does not find happiness.

Think about your loved ones who may need the help of others.

Greed is evil. Try to achieve that thing by working hard by leaving greed.

No greed can last for long, one day or the other the ill effects of that greed have to come to the fore.

One who has the knowledge of truth and follows the path of righteousness is never greedy.

Greedy person should stay away because he makes relationships only for the sake of meaning.

Greed has been called the gate of hell because greed causes sorrow for life and the world and also gives birth to other sins.



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