rules of pilgrimage

rules of pilgrimage – By doing a person has to face all kinds of climates, due to which he becomes healthy and gets new experiences.

Traveling on pilgrimage gives peace of mind and does not cause negative thoughts.

Ancient pilgrimages and temples have been built at such places, where the natural environment is beneficial for our health.

According to the scriptures, if the person reaches the place of pilgrimage from other work, then he also gets the fruit of virtue.

Most of the temples have stairs, and climbing and descending these stairs gives exercise. Clapping in Bhajan-Kirtan gives the benefits of acupressure. The bell sound eliminates negative thinking.

Traveling to meet new people and experience. By traveling we get to see how the earth is, how is nature, and how are cities, villages, and towns.

Bathing, donating, chanting, etc. should be done at the place of pilgrimage. Always do a pilgrimage with your own money.

If the wish is fulfilled by the grace of the Lord, then his journey is successful and his work is done.

Avoid consuming meat and temple during the pilgrimage. There is always a possibility of becoming a victim of an accident by consuming these forbidden things.

Sutak must be taken care of before going on a pilgrimage. When a child is born or a member dies in the family, a thread is put on. In such a situation, your journey should be postponed.

You get the full fruit of pilgrimage only when you have not hurt any soul knowingly or unknowingly. May your conduct, thoughts, diet, behavior, and rituals be pure and holy.



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