Old memories
Old memories – Everyone likes their home and has memories.  the first time everyone used to live together in the house. Used to play with the child while living in a joint family.

Everyone has separated due to inflation and no one has time to meet. Earlier there used to be landline phones and for that PCOs used to go and talk.

Online video calls have started talking about new technology. There used to be a VCR and used to watch movies at home by asking for rent.

Everyone used to eat together and used laughter and jokes. No one likes homemade food these days. Some people order food and go to the restaurant.

It used to feel good when someone used to come to the house and now it is not the same as before and now Some people change their own house compulsorily.

There are many things in life that we should take care of, such as respect for parents, respect for elders, etc., and many things that we can remember.

Some people go abroad and miss their home. You know how to win the memory of the old home, but you don’t know that much about the new home.

I feel very sad, thinking that we are not able to give our children the childhood we spent, of course, today the comforts are more than ever before, but there is something that is missing, there is something that is calling us.

Some incidents in life are very important to remember because we get to learn from the incidents only.


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