importance of donating
importance of donating- Some people are stingy that they don’t donate and they face problems.¬†By donating our sufferings are reduced or by donating the bad deeds of the previous birth the problem goes away.

Donating is a virtuous deed. It is believed that by donating, a man gets welfare in this world as well as in the hereafter.

By donating, there are blessings in the house and there is happiness and peace and god bless.

1. Cow donation – donating to the cow is Said to be beneficial for many births and many generations.

2. Clothes- Never donate old clothes and give new clothes. Stopped work starts running. Financial condition is always better by donating clothes.

3. Grains – Mother Goddess Laxmi ji and Annapurna Devi are happy to give grains to someone.

If grains are donated with determination, desired results are achieved and By donating grains, there is no shortage of food in life.

4. Kanya Daan – Those parents who do not have a daughter, should adopt a daughter without parents and donate her daughter.

If someone has relatives who do not have a daughter, they can donate a girl.

5. The money that is given for the service of poor, poor, orphans, dumb, disabled, and sick people is a great virtue.

6. donation of metals-Do this donation to the person who will use the donated thing and the Donation of metals averts calamity.

7. Donation of money comes in the donation of knowledge. When money is used to publish books that spread knowledge, it is a knowledge donation.


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