benefits of candles

benefits of candles- There was a time when there was no electricity in the houses. People used to use candles instead of lights, but gradually time changed and now candles are used for decoration and worship.

There are also many types of candles available nowadays in a variety of sizes, colors, and scents With this you can not only decorate the house but also make it light and fragrant Relaxing by candlelight may help reduce stress.

Placing the candle in the fridge melts the wax more slowly and your candle will last longer in this condition.

A candle serves as general lighting as well as for celebration, romance, meditation, and more.

Aromatherapy is beneficial in relieving stress from life.

Remove rust is shoe polish, fix zippers and remove furniture scratches.

All it takes is wax, thread, dyes, and essential oils to make a candle.

A candle flame is good for the eyes. Seeing this clears the eyes and removes the dirt and helps in strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Nowadays, different types of candles are used on occasions such as birthday parties, religious festivals, tributes, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The atmosphere of your room becomes completely positive and secondly, their fragrance gives peace to the mind, due to which sleep comes quickly and deeply.

Candle meditation – Sit in meditation posture in front of a candle, Open your eyes, and look at the flame without blinking, Close your eyes again, Repeat this exercise three times, and Gradually increase the time of practice.

Keeping and lighting Feng Shui candles in an orderly manner throughout the house is helpful in increasing harmony in life and in our work.


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